Bleeding Blue investigates the ongoing narrative that our police are blood-thirsty villains patrolling our communities with the purpose of exacting an almost vigilante justice against minorities.

According to FBI statistics, police make roughly 10-13 million arrests each year in America. Nearly 1 million of those arrests are for violent crimes. In an exceptionally bloody year, about 1,000 of those violent crimes require the use of deadly force.

So, police use deadly force in less than 0.1% of those violent crime arrests; and 0.01% of overall arrests each year.

Bleeding Blue reveals the destruction of journalism with social media’s rush to judgment. We take a hard look at the REAL stories, beginning with Professor Gates, then Ferguson, the Black Lives Matter movement, and finally the ambushing of law-enforcement officers all over America.

We hear first-hand from the families of law-enforcement, seeing police through the eyes of their children and spouses. Law-enforcement officers share their experiences, concerns, desires, and willingness to bridge the gap between the police and the communities they serve.

Bleeding Blue is more than a compelling and emotional documentary, but offers an opportunity to help bridge the gap between sensationalism and the truth.

Bleeding Blue reminds us all that truth, honor and humanity stand unwavering.

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